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Boxed sets



Four complete Jackson Hole Mysteries featuring art dealer Alix Thorssen

Bonus short stories included!


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The Dorie Lennox mysteries set in Kansas City – World War II private eye


Two complete novels plus a bonus short story set just days after Pearl Harbor


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Rory Tate Thrillers

The “other me” is Rory Tate who writes thrillers featuring strong women in situations that make them prove themselves

new-jump-cut-8-14Jump Cut 

A romantic thriller featuring TV reporter Mimi Raynard in Seattle

⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎ LOVED THIS BOOK!
This book was hard to put down. The story line was great, and it played out nicely. There was some humor and some sadness. Great book.


new-plan-x-10-15-ebookPLAN X

A spy thriller set in Montana and London

“Took it to bed last night and didn’t get any sleep, I just had to keep reading. The main characters were brilliantly fleshed out and believable and the story just flowed. Quite a lot of investigative work with some conspiracy thrown in.
A masterpiece.”


Short Stories

Sample my writing in a short story – see if we’re on the same page!


Snow Train – a Dorie Lennox Short Story

“McClendon expertly probes the mysteries of human desires”

                               — Michael Connelly, bestselling writer

The Honey Trap

featuring Seattle TV  reporter Mimi Raynard

She must use her female wiles on a news source during a freak Seattle snowstorm


Dear Alix: Jackson Hole short stories

Two shorts featuring Jackson Hole art dealer and sleuth, Alix Thorssen


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