RORY TATE Thrillers

PLAN X – 2013  PLAN-X-ebook-final

Jump Cut – 2011
 The Honey Trap                                                                        


a Mimi Raynard short story
a Mimi Raynard short story
      The Bennett Sisters
Blackbird Fly                                                                                                      The Girl in the Empty Dress – NEW!Blackbird_FLY=ebook            Girl-in-Empty-Dress-ebook-2

A Bennett Sisters novella
A Bennett Sisters novella

new pretty dreams 2-12

“The beauty of this book is its originality, and its sheer inability to be categorized in today’s world of cookie-cutter books”

 When Jonny goes back to his hometown for the summer to play accordion in his family’s polka band he has no hope of fun. He’s just trying to figure out what happens next in his life. When Isabel agrees to head up the college field study on bees in rural Minnesota she too is hiding out, wondering how her life will turn out.

In this quirky play on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice two kindred souls somehow find each other.


The Alix Thorssen Mysteries set in Jackson Hole


The Dorie Lennox Mysteries set in World War 2 Kansas City 


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