Short stories

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Snow-TrainSnow Train is a new short story featuring Dorie Lennox, the Kansas City private detective in One O’clock Jump and Sweet and Lowdown. This story finds Dorie on a train, returning to Kansas City from St. Louis, caught in a late December blizzard. It’s 1941, two weeks since Pearl Harbor, and the US is still reeling from the sudden entrance into World War II. Read all about how the war has affected Dorie, and her surprise guest on the train.

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The Honey Trap is a short story featuring Mimi Raynard from the Rory Tate thriller, JUMP CUT. It’s included in Dead of Winter, an anthology of crime shorts by the Thalia Press Authors Co-op crew and was edited by Katy Munger and me.


The Honey Trap takes place before the events of Jump Cut, when Mimi was working with her ex-husband, both reporters at a Seattle television station. A blizzard hits Seattle, effectively shutting down everything, but Mimi is able to get to the Queen Anne coffee shop where an inside source to a sports scandal waits to tell all the dirty details.

Lots of great stories here, by Brynn Bonner, Taffy Cannon, Kate Flora, Chaz McGee (Katy Munger), Gary Phillips, JD Rhoades, and Sarah Shaber. Check it out. Available as an e-book only.



Indian Summer is included in the anthology edited by Mark Terry, Deadly by the Dozen. It features a ranch wife at the end of her rope with her bronc-riding husband. 

One reviewer said: “All the stories in here were capably written, and all captured my attention in way or another. Special mention to ‘Marigold Mourning’ by Merry Monteleone, ‘Little Siberia’ by Erica Orloff and ‘Plundered Booty’ by Travis Erwin (gotta love that title!).

However…the absolute stand out for me was `Indian Summer’ by Lise McClendon.  It was just fabulous – a great mix of good writing, good characters and a strong element of mystery. That story would stand out anywhere.”




My short story, The End of the World (As We Know It), was included in the 2005 anthology, Murder in Vegas. This collection of 22 short stories was edited by Michael Connelly and put together by the Internaitonal Association of Crime Writers/North America.

The theme is “new crime tales of gambling and desperation” but a few dead bodies are scattered around — everywhere. In my story a Minnesota man accompanies his brother-in-law to Vegas not suspecting that he has embezzled funds and is on the run.

Available in paperback and e-book. Pay no attention to reviewers who assume Michael Connelly wrote this book. He wrote an introduction and served as editor.


Alix Thorssen, art dealer, insurance sleuth, and “snapping turtle with a brain and a bra,” stars in Dear Alix,  two short stories set in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.“Wild Irish Dreams” is set between Painted Truth and Nordic Nights, featuring an old friend who comes to town unexpectedly. “A Brand of Murder” finds Alix involved in a controversial housing development, breaking up an old family ranch. The stories give a glimpse of Alix’s life outside the novels, and a view of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.”A few writers are gifted with a feel for place that transforms locale from mere background into a vital element of the story itself, important as the human characters who inhabit it. To their number add Lise McClendon, who has taken the small resort town of Jackson Hole and the Wyoming wilderness, and made it her own.” — San Diego Union-Tribune

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