Be a Very Noisy Friend

Calling all noisy readers! If you like books, and in particular something by me, I invite you to join my Noisy Team. To join costs you nothing and you hear about new releases, get some swag now and again, and hear about what’s new and hot before everyone else.

How do you join? Sign up for the newsletter first. Then post or share something on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble. A book cover, a review, an announcement, almost anything qualifies. Once you’ve posted two times, send me links to the shares or posts or reviews — and you’re in!

Not feeling that clubbish? That’s fine! Sign up for the newsletter and get a free e-book from Lise McClendon! If you signed up via Twitter I have your contact information and will be sending you a PDF of one of my e-books shortly! Hang on. If you don’t hear from me in a week or two, please shoot me a line at lise (at) Thanks for your patience… and your interest!

Start telling the world about your favorite authors! You’ll not only get my newsletter — once in awhile — but you’ll get this cool sticker to proclaim to the world you are Noisy. And Friendly. It says: Just Ask Me! And then you have your opening to tell everyone about your favorite book, what you’re reading, what sounds good to read next. Get a conversation going by putting the sticker on your desk, bike, stroller, notebook, or laptop!


All you have to do to get it sign up for the newsletter right here, then twiddle your fingers for awhile because, ya know, this is the postal service. (US addresses only please… although I will happy to send you a digital file of the sticker for your use in other countries.)

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