I’ve read a couple Bond continuation novels and found them hard-going mostly. One I abandoned because it was like a movie script, action-action-action with absolutely no break or character development. The other, William Boyd’s SOLO, was better but ultimately I found the inner life of James Bond to be so dry and shallow that he is forgettable. Which is rather sad.

Here is a good review and critique of Bond and his times.

Funk's House of Geekery

Last year, it was announced that acclaimed writer Anthony Horowitz would be writing the next James Bond continuation novel. Released in September 2015, Trigger Mortis hailed the publicity-grabbing return of Pussy Galore from Goldfinger, as well as throwing 007 head-on into the world of motor racing, where he must protect a British driver from the evil of SMERSH, before uncovering a deeper plot to destabilise the Western world!

For my part, I was excited to read a new Bond novel. The fact that Horowitz, author of one of my childhood favourite series Alex Rider, and creator of the excellent Foyle’s War for TV, was writing it was a sweet, sweet bonus. One of my friends was also super keen, but on the basis that Horowitz was the writer. I was interested to see what she would make of it.

Ultimately, she found it hard to get into. Rather…

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