The Power of the Sidekick: Lise McClendon

I’m blogging today over at Marni Graff’s Auntie M Writes. Friends, sidekicks, and the power of relationships in fiction and life.

Auntiemwrites-Mystery Author M K Graff

 Please welcome guest Lise McClendon and her thoughts on the power of the sidekick in books.plan-x-mockup-12



 Do you have friends? Of course you do. Friendships make everyday life, which often ranges from routine to downright dull, more fun, more manageable, and more understandable. Even more than family, friends are there for you, to laugh and cry and buy you cake. friends-eating-cake-and-drinking-coffee


 You know how some friends teach you to be a better friend? They somehow know that being a friend is a skill and they want you to be happy and friend-full. These people, extroverts probably, are experts in friend-making from preschool on. Others, the introverts, the socially awkward, and, yes, many writers, must learn how to give, how to listen, how to share, how to celebrate the successes of others, and all the things that make a person a good friend. It doesn’t matter if you’re…

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