How Much Are You Selling Your eBook For?!

Interesting thoughts on pricing your eBook…


I was going through my timeline the other day on FaceBook and came across a post someone had placed, another author even, who said she would “… never again spend $9.99 for an ebook.”  are-eBooks-worth-the-moneyApparently she had recently purchased an eBook at that price and, it wasn’t that she thought the book was bad – Not.At.All – in fact, she thought the book she had just finished was good but, still, she felt she had been a victim of price-gouging. Paying that price for a paperback? Not a problem. In a heartbeat she wouldn’t have had a second thought.

Others chimed in to support her, agreeing that eBooks priced beyond $3.99 were too high since the cost is minimal to produce and there were no recurring costs; another, stated the only purpose of even having an eReader was to be able to buy books at a low price – unless…

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