6 thoughts on “Coming soon

  1. Really beautiful. The colors especially! I’m wondering, though, if it’s perhaps a little too abstract? For a nano-second, I had a problem seeing what it was … but maybe, that’s just me?

  2. I have to go with Denice. Are those silos in the snow? I like the colors and the font and the textural quality of the ‘painting’ (with all the computer programs now, I never know if it’s real or CGI). Also love the concept.

  3. Sharon, yes: silos in the snow. And Denice, I do think it is a bit abstract. It’s a real painting. There is an aspect of the story about grain bins, i.e., silos. But I’m not sure how important that is on the cover. I guess it’s more the feeling, the attraction quality. Someone else thought they were tents. Hmmmm.

  4. Thinking about some other art ideas… The original title was Squeeze Box, because it is about a polka band and a man who plays accordion. But I’m told that if you don’t like the type of music portrayed on the cover of a novel you might not buy the book. Even if you don’t need to like polka to like the novel. (The main character doesn’t like polka either.) On the other hand I find accordions very picturesque: http://image.shutterstock.com/display_pic_with_logo/297451/297451,1306665160,1/stock-photo-accordion-closeup-78164032.jpg

    1. I think even people who don’t like accordion music would be intrigued by an accordion in a field. A painting of something like that could be very interesting. In fact Romare Bearden did some art that may include an accordion (I couldn’t find one if he did)….or something like your original painting would also be good.

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