Twenty-five years ago I read Lawrence Block’s column in Writer’s Digest. Twenty years (or so) ago I told him at a convention how much they had meant to me as I was starting out. What a thrill, until, crouched down beside his chair, I almost fell on top of him. 🙂
Still, he is a great mentor to all of us mystery buffs, and such an lovely, approachable man and conversational teacher. Check out his blog, and his writing, of course.


In 1976 I began a monthly instructional column on fiction writing for Writers Digest, and kept at it for fourteen years. Two books, Telling Lies for Fun & Profit and Spider, Spin Me a Web, grew out of that job, and they’re both still in print many years and editions later.

But it wasn’t until last year that I gathered up my later WD columns and made two Open Road eBooks out of them. Having noted that Telling Lies consistently outsold Spider by a factor of four or five to one, I called the new books The Liar’s Bible and The Liar’s Companion. They’ve had a good reception, and Open Road has since made them available as trade paperbacks.

Still, it’s clear that many fans of Telling Lies are largely unaware of the two new books. I can tell you that if you like Telling Lies you’re…

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