Would you use a pseudonym? Many have but times they are a’changing.

Views From the Muse

by J.D. Rhoades

Pseudonyms, pen names, noms de plume–whatever you choose to call them, they’re everywhere in the literary world. Lee Child‘s real name, for example, isn’t Lee Child, although that’s what he answers to.

Ed McBain, author of the archetypal police procedural with the 87th Precinct series, was a pseudonym used by “serious” author Evan Hunter, who was actually born Salvatore Albert Lombino, but who legally changed his name to Hunter in 1952, thus making McBain, I guess, a double pseudonym. And of course we have our own Rory Tate, Chaz McGee, and Gallagher Gray, who, if they wish, may tell you their secret identities here.

(Our Sparkle, BTW, insists that “Sparkle Hayter” is her real name. I have no reason to doubt her. I don’t know about this Shaber person, though, and “Gary Phillips” is clearly a name assigned by…

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