Go long? Go short!

I’ve mentioned my short story, INDIAN SUMMER, here, right? It’s included in this great little anthology put together by Mark Terry: DEADLY BY THE DOZEN. I admitted, didn’t I, that I’m not always sure about my short stories? That I sometimes feel a bit inadequate in the short fiction department? That, taking the advice of the great Lemony Snicket, maybe I should just stop?

now available for Kindle, Nook, & Smashwords

Well, all is well. I discovered this great reader review on Amazon.

“This book was the perfect read for a week of appointments, sitting in waiting rooms and whipping out my Kindle for ten minutes at a time!  All the stories in here were capably written, and all captured my attention in way or another.  Special mention to ‘Marigold Mourning’ by Merry Monteleone, ‘Little Siberia’ by Erica Orloff and ‘Plundered Booty’ by Travis Erwin (gotta love that title!).

However…the absolute stand out for me was `Indian Summer’ by Lise McClendon. It was just fabulous – a great mix of good writing, good characters and a strong element of mystery. That story would stand out anywhere. 

Overall, I would say the collection was well worth the modest price – I enjoyed all of the stories and absolutely loved that one.”

Pardon my boldness. Sometimes you just feel good. So thanks to reviewer Shona — you rock!

And the price is definitely modest: $2.99 for the entire anthology at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Still working on Smashwords, but keep trying if that’s your spot.

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